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Every hero has four skills, hp, mana and stamina with regeneration.
Gear items and their AI keepers are spawned at time intervals. There are several places in the Arena where such drops are made. Meanwhile, in other places, crystals are also dropped at intervals, which must be collected and bring to the center of the Arena, in order to win the game.
After exceeding the match time limit, the shadowstriker starts, which takes hp of every player except for the center of the Arena.

Arena map


4 types of keepers are ready to defend drop spots,crystal spots with patrol paths,lakes,killing them will give you XP

14x portals where keepers spawn
Patrol path of keepers

Collect three crystals in a certain time and get them to the center of the Arena

25 items 5 drop intervals 10 drop positions

Player HUD

Notice: Currently the match is set 1vs1 with p2p connection, read roadmap

There is also chat… for now only for 2 players

How to create,join,leave,start lobby?

See you in the Arena!